AC/DC Flash, DC Battery Pack, Touch of Warmth Reflector, Light Stands, Constant Lights,
 Portable Studio Lighting Systems, Scene Machine, Virtual Backgrounds,
Designed for SLR cameras (film and digital) and for point and shoot cameras.
While the ring shape light source will provide an even and shadow free illumination like conventional counterparts,
the constant nature of the ring light enables the photographer to see the actual effect before taking the picture.
This is an advantage
not offered by conventional ring flashes. The color temperature is approx. 5000 Kelvin plus/minus 10%.
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A Division of Virtual Backgrounds

Prop made exclusively for Virtual Backgrounds
Double sided Design
Double sided Design

NEW Prop designed by VB.

This exclusive double-sided prop is designed for use in the studio with or without projected backgrounds or on location.

Set price (3 pieces) is $1,495.00
(floor panels not included)
Components can also be purchased separately for $550.00 each.

For information and to order please call us at 800 831 0474
New Prop
New Prop
  • Double-Sided
  • Center piece measures approx. 35" wide, 25" deep and 11" high
  • Side pieces (2) measure approx. 31" wide, 19" deep and 14.5" high
Prop made exclusively for Virtual Backgrounds
Double sided Design
Double sided Design
Sample photographs by Trevon Baker, Montana.

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